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Greeting Card by Whimsie - Gorgeous

Hello, We are Whimsie.
We create greeting cards that make us chuckle, go ‘aww’ and we hope you like them too!

I wasn’t naughty at school, but my teachers were always telling me to stop doodling. So I stopped doodling…until they turned around. Yes, I was one of those kids, always drawing…addicted perhaps.

I love bad jokes…awful jokes that are so NOT funny, they become funny! With an eye for design, a lover of colour and a uncontrollable doodling habit perfected at school…Whimsie Greeting Cards came to life.

I accidentally designed my first greeting card. Yup, you guessed it… I was doodling. Not at school this time though, but in a lecture at University. At this point I had perfected the skill of disguising my habit and made it seem as though I was taking notes. I would combine my completely hilarious awful jokes with quirky doodles of animal characters and slide it over to a friend to wait for a cheeky smile and a quiet chuckle before putting the ‘I’m listening face’ back on for the benefit of the lecturer.

Jordan – Whimsie Greeting Cards

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